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After 45 years in the printing industry, David established Miller Direct in 2005. His vision of creating a printing company that provided turn-key graphic design, printing, and sign installation soon became a reality. Because of 

his leadership and excellent customer service, Miller Direct Advertising flourished and contiues to grow stronger and better. David suddenly passed away in 2019.


Franklin David Miller

Chairman of the Board & Founder

1948 – 2019


Micah Miller

President & CEO

Micah is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University and has been with the company since 2007. He has experience in sales as well
as managing and implementing in-store sign programs that require graphic design and printing. He has a key role in the installation and logistics of all our client projects. He also has a keen vision on where he wants to build our company’s brand and to secure our continued success.  


Nicki LeFevre

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Nicki has experience in the event planning, financial, marketing and real-estate field. She plans and oversees large events, event design, client development, strategic planning and communication with clients. Ensuring firm clients experience exceptional customer service and continuously seeking ways to improve the client experience.

Alaina Vilasineekul

Account Executive

John Sillensky

Creative Director

Josh McLean

Production Manager

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